How life changes when a little person makes their way into your world! This little Grub here is how "Goose & Grub" came to exist (Goose is in the backyard!)

You'll find us in Armidale - in the New England Region of NSW. We are a family of three - there's the silent investor (my husband), the little love and me. Family fun is so important to us and this venture will help us get to where we want to be - making memories!

Since becoming a mum I have been on a big learning curve. Everyone lets you know what your baby should do, what they shouldn't do, what they should eat, when they should sleep, which brand of nappies we should use, nappy creams, teethers, sleeping bags, etc, etc, etc! Ultimately what I have learnt out of the motherhood journey is you should do you and what works best for your family! With that being said.... Welcome to me doing motherhood my way! All of our products are tried, tested and loved by us. 

Thanks for stopping by!